Monday, November 2, 2015

Growth Mindset: Week 10

The past two weeks have definitely been challenging with many of midterms being that week. This semester by far has been pretty challenging. On top of school, I am also helping my mom get her BSN degree. Her courses require a lot of research and writing, so I have the job of editing and helping her write her papers. This class has helped me with that so far. Juggling everything all at once is really stressful but God has been my source of strength and perseverance through all of it. As medical school applications and MCAT are coming up real soon, I find myself in fear of the future. A lot of "what if" questions keep popping up in my head. This sunday, our church had a visiting pastor and he spoke of how our words have power. After God miraculously rescued the Israelites from the Egyptians by splitting the red sea to lead them to the promised land, they still murmured against Him and doubted Him. They said with their mouth they would have rather died in Egypt or die in the desert. The Lord heard them and whatever they said with their mouth happened. Everyone from the age of 20 and older died in the desert and never reached the promise land. The preacher encouraged us to speak words of life even in circumstances of impossibilities, fear, and helplessness. Hearing this really helped me to reestablish my trust in God once again.

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